The Company ensures that its pilots are at the forefront of aviation by providing them with practical experience and training on a regular basis, and investing in professional qualifications. Experienced pilots and a constantly updated fleet have allowed Air Service Center to become the market leader in this sector.

The use of the helicopters for transporting materials and people safely, and rapidly, in hostile environments, is becoming increasingly important from an economic point of view. Thanks to our wide range of vehicles we can always provide just the right helicopter to suit our customers' needs.


  • Advertising flights
  • Direct flights for photography, and shooting film and television footage;
  • Direct flights for surveys and observations
  • Load transportation flights
  • Spraying flights, including fire fighting activities
  • Parachute jump flights
  • Transporting external loads and supplies to shelters
  • Cargo hook work
  • Stringing cables
  • Assembling Cableways, electrical junction boxes, electrical plant, telephone and radio antennas.

Transporting Material

The cargo hook can be used to transport material to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible and position pylons, poles, antennas, etc. with a high degree of precision.

Helicopters can reach unloading points extremely rapidly, saving customers time and money. When using helicopters to transport material there is also no need to change the surrounding environment, as is so often necessary when positioning bulky and heavy cranes, erecting temporary scaffolding or providing access for heavy vehicles.

Controls, Observations and Surveys

The freedom to move in any direction, without the need to maintain traversing speeds, which limits the use of aeroplanes, means that we can film practically anything we want, using infrared or gyroslabilized camera systems (webcam, Gyron , tyler, helivision, flir system) where necessary.


- Environmental Monitoring
- Monitoring Power Lines and Pipelines
- Traffic Monitoring

Radio Link Services

For decades, many broadcasters have used helicopters as radio links, for transferring live images and data from one point to another during events of all kinds, demonstrations, cycle and motor and motocycle races, rallies, etc ...

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