The cargo hook can be used to transport material to locations that would otherwise be inaccessible. It can also be used to position pylons, poles, antennas, grids etc. with a high degree of precision.

Helicopters can reach their unloading locations extremely fast, saving both time and money. Working with helicopters also averts the need to change the surrounding environment as is so often necessary when positioning bulky and heavy cranes, erecting temporary scaffolding or providing access for heavy vehicles.


  • Monitoring powerlines and gas pipelines
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Monitoring the environment
  • Monitoring systems for vineyards as well as planting and fertilising fields


By using gyro-stabilised cameras (wescam), you can take spectacular, high-definition photos and videos for events, parties, weddings, sporting events  (including bicycle and motor races, rallies, marathons, parachute jumps), aerial advertising, conventions, scenic flights or video recordings for films.

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